are highly skilled and qualified Engineers. Very experienced Technicians. Well informed and helpful sales staff, dedicated support/administrator. We Aim to be your Successful Turnkey Projects executor!



Our Company Policies:
To provide innovative and effective engineering support and solutions to Communication, Civil and Power Problems in remote and non-remote
environments by Supplying and Providing Systems and Equipment, and
Supporting these with fast and reliable Repairs and Maintenance Services. is a customer service driven company. We are unequaled and unmatched in our commitment to quality service delivery in the Tele-Communication, Computer, Oil & Gas, Electrical and Power industry. Our staff of experienced personnel are dedicated and focused to high level of commitment to our clients. We carry out industrial projects both from design stage up to the completion level. Urban and Rural Electrification, Electrification of High Rise Buildings, Gas & Oil Flow facilities, Industrial Factories complete with Fire Alarm and Security System, External Street Lighting System, Solar Power and Installation and Maintenance of Telecom Infrastructure for Telecom Service Providers Nation-wide.


As part of OCL CASHES policy, we will accord community related issues/problems in planning and execution of projects and are committed to:
•Minimize and eventually eliminate community disturbance/disruption of projects resulting from the host community in which we operate.
•Maintain good relationship with our host communities in which mutual benefits will be derived from each other including support of charitable
•Resolving all conflicts with most communities by dialogue
•Organizing community affairs seminars on regular basis and have community liaison officers/supervisors to handle host community affairs.

It is the policy at OCL management to conduct business in a responsible and ethical manner that protects safety, health, and environment. To that end, the company will:
•Integrate incident free culture into all aspects of its activities.
•Integrate safety, fire, health, and environment laws, company SHE policies and requirements, without regard to the degree of enforcement.
•Follow relevant standards, good engineering practices and principles of risk management to ensure all EF ONE VENTURES LIMITED safety fire, health and environmental protection activities are conducted responsibly.
•Exhibit socially conscious leadership and demonstrate exemplary safety, fire, health and environmental performance by use of walkie-talkie.
•Conserve natural resources by careful management of discharges and by eliminating unnecessary waste generation.
•Strive to continuously improve SHE performance and SHE management systems. This policy applies to all employees and sub-contractors involved in company activities. All employees and contractors are responsible for compliance with the Company’s SHE policies, procedures, practices and laws.


•Company SHE Objectives and Targets.
Pursuance to the policy statement above, the principal project Safety, Health and Environmental objectives are:

•Safety and Health
Objectives: Protect the health and well-being of personnel during company work/site activities and ensure that safety is the prime consideration in the project execution.
Targets: Accident Free Operations

•Environment Objective: Ensure against contamination and disruption to the surrounding
company work/site activities environment.
Targets: Incident Free Operation Project Safety, Health and Environmental Management Plan (PSH & EMP) For each and every project, a PSH & EMP will be developed and submitted for client’s
review and approval for implementation.
The Project Safety, Health & Environmental Manage- ment Plan is produced primarily for the use of OCL Project Management and supervisory staff who are required to ensure that the rules and procedures are brought to the notice of all OCL employees and sub-contractors and that such rules and procedures are strictly followed.

The following are Ornaments Concept Limited TQM Policy Statement
1) Quality can and must be managed.
2) Everyone has a customer to delight.
3) Processes, not the people, are the problem.
4) Every employee is responsible for quality.
5) Problems must be prevented, not just fixed.
6) Quality must be measured so it can
be continuous. 7) Quality improvements must be continuous
8) Quality goals must be based on customer require- ments.
Total Quality Management is a structured system for managing the quality of products, processes, and resources of an organization in order to satisfy its internal and external customers, as well as its suppliers. Its main objective is sustained (if not progressive) customer satisfaction through continuous improvement, which is accomplished by systematic methods for problem solving, breakthroughachievement, and sustenance of good results (standardization).
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